Advanced Interactive Web Mapping, Programming, and Design

Assignment 1

Due Monday, March 28th at noon

Use CartoCSS and SQL to customize a CartoDB map

  1. Find some data you would like to map. This could be data you have used before, data that might be useful for your final project, or just something you find interesting right now. If you're stuck, consider getting the data from Urban Reviewer, WNYC's Mean Streets, or 538's FOILed uber data.
  2. Using CartoDB and this data, make a map:
    1. Customize the CartoCSS using conditional statements: at least one statement that looks at an attribute on the table and at least one that depends on the map's zoom level.
    2. Filter the data using SQL.
    3. Cite your data sources.
    4. Add a meaningful title.
    5. Add useful infowindows if applicable.
  3. Embed the map on an HTML page using the Embed it function of CartoDB (iframe).
  4. Post the page to GitHub Pages.

Submitting your work

This work is due Monday, March 28th, at noon.

Please use this Google Form to submit your assignment or fill it out below: