Advanced Interactive Web Mapping, Programming, and Design

In-class Excercises: Leaflet

Part 1: Styling Leaflet features

  1. Starting with this jsbin or another Leaflet map of your own, style the features on your map.
  2. Try adding a stroke and setting the stroke color and stroke width.
  3. Make the stroke different for different types of features.

Part 2: Leaflet popups

  1. Continue with your Leaflet map from Part 1.
  2. Add popups to the map.
  3. Concatenate strings to add the features' properties to the content of the popups.
  4. Style the popups using CSS.

Part 3: Using plugins in Leaflet

  1. Start with a Leaflet map from previous work.
  2. Check out the documentation for Mapzen's Leaflet geocoder.
  3. Follow the plugin's directions to add the plugin to your map.