Advanced Interactive Web Mapping, Programming, and Design

Assignment 2: Working with APIs

Due Monday, April 4th at noon

Using the CartoDB SQL API create a webpage that:

  1. Loads data as GeoJSON and displays it on a Leaflet map.
  2. Displays the output of an SQL query in some way other than a map.

    For example, this could be a list next to the map showing details of the points displayed. Or it could populate a dropdown or series of buttons for Part 3.

  3. Dynamically lets the user change some aspect of one of the SQL queries being used.

    This could be a form input where you enter a number that is added to your SQL query or a dropdown that lets you pick a value that is added to the SQL query.

    The in-class exercises from class 3 and class 4 might prove useful here.

  4. Post the page to GitHub Pages. When you submit your work please let me know how you are using SQL on the page for part 2.

Submitting your work

This work is due Monday, April 4th, at noon.

Please use this Google Form to submit your assignment or fill it out below: