Advanced Interactive Web Mapping, Programming, and Design

Assignment 4

Due Tuesday, April 19th at noon


Please check these out if you find you need to brush up on the topics they cover.

Prepare a final project proposal

This part is due Wednesday, April 20th. Prepare to tell the class informally for 5-10 minutes about what you would like to do for your final project. Include the subject area, where you will find relevant data, how you envision your map working, and what you will need to learn to make it happen.

You do not have to submit anything for this part. Talking about it in class on Wednesday is the deliverable.

Make a map in Leaflet using spatial SQL

  1. Using any data you like, create a spatial SQL query with it and test it in CartoDB. You could use it to create buffers or convex hulls as we did in class or do something a little more adventurous if you're feeling up to it.
  2. Add the result of that SQL query to a Leaflet map as GeoJSON.
  3. Style the data added to your Leaflet map.
  4. Add an event handler either to the data added to the map or to the map itself. The event handler should affect the map or page in some noticeable way. If you're not sure what you want to do, here are some ideas:
    • Clicking on one of the features shows data from the feature on the page (without or in addition to a popup).
    • Moving the map leads to a span on the page updating with the map's center latitude and longitude.
    • Zooming the map in or out leads to a span on the page updating with the map's new zoom level.

Submitting your work

This work is due Tuesday, April 19th, at noon.

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